When a Man Loves a Woman; the Catilyn Jenner story

Last year the world saw a man who loved a woman so much that he became that woman. Bruce Jenner became Catilyn Jenner. Bruce was born a boy but he questioned his sexuality from childhood, he questioned it and what the society would think. He then plucked the courage to become the woman he loved.

heart-762564_640Best Answer:  Bruce became Caitlyn Jenner, taking an outwardly recognizable female identity. However, his gender is still male. He is under an umbrella term called “transgender,” meaning people born with a gender identity, gender expression or behavior that doesn’t conform to the sex which they were assigned at birth. With this explanation you can decide for yourself whether Caitlyn is a woman or a man. Psychology or physiology?

Bruce Jenner. I have never really thought about whether i am for him or against. ive been too busy thinking of what other people think. Bruce Jenner has always questioned his sexuality. Even from when he was a child. he got interviewed about it and he said ‘ when i was little, i use to dress up in girls clothes alot” Bruce Jenner has always been the type to be feminine.

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We are always hearing about the LGBT community but the most outspoken are the L and the G. Catilyn Jenner brought an awakening for the transgender community.

 Jenner’s rebirth as Caitlyn was the most visible high point of a banner year for the transgender community. The Secretary of Defense called the ban on transgender people’s open military service “outdated” and directed that the policy be reviewed. A measure to add nondiscrimination protections for LGBT people to the Civil Rights Act was introduced in Congress with nearly 200 co-sponsors. And critically acclaimed shows like Transparent that feature transgender story lines with respect and depth have chiseled away at the stigma of being trans. These gains come as the LGBT-rights movement has been advancing at a speed unthinkable just a decade ago. And this year, spurred on by young people more eager to challenge gender stereotypes than any generation before them, it seemed the T was finally getting the attention advocates have pursued for decades.

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Catilyn Jenner is now a global name. it could be due to the fact that  he starred in the Kardashian reality TV Show. But there are other trangenders who fought tooth and nail to be recognized. They were there before Catilyn.

A transgender woman has won a protracted legal battle for a name change on her examination certificate in a ruling that potentially sets a precedent for other minorities seeking similar alterations from government agencies.

Audrey Mbugua had asked the court to compel the Kenya National Examinations Council (Knec) to change her name and delete the “male” gender mark from her KCSE certificate.

“The Constitution urges us to treat people with dignity and  such human dignity goes to the heart of identity which often can be violated by humiliation and denial of rights,” the judge said. He said that for Audrey to feel “whole” she must be accepted as she is and that denying her the right to change her names on the certificate would amount to a violation of fundamental human rights and liberty.

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